b_300_200_16777215_00_images_stories_go-east.jpgFSE organised and coordinated, through its Fans' Embassy Department, a three-year project, "Fans' Embassies Go East", to develop the Fans' Embassy network with a particular focus on Eastern Europe and Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. The project has been supported by UEFA, whose Executive Committee decided to grant FSE's project application with an overall budget of € 495,000.

The project Fans' Embassies Go East was mainly aiming at enhancing European networks in the field and at giving support and providing expertise to host cities and the national organising bodies with regards to the preparation of the best possible conditions for mobile and stationary Fans' Embassies and a good overall atmosphere at EURO 2012. This included workshops, training seminars and conferences for all fans and (football) authorities and institutions who were involved in the provision of Fan's Embassy services, but also a multilingual Fans' Embassy website and a printed and online Fan Guide.