b_300_200_16777215_00_images_stories_mobile1.jpgWhile the stationary Fans' Embassies act as an information pool, the focus of the mobile, international Fans' Embassies is set on street work. Unlike the stationary Fans' Embassies, held in a fixed location in every city, the mobile international Fans' Embassy teams follow fans to their whereabouts in the city or around the city (e.g. camp sites). In other words, the international fan workers are on the road with their fans all the time. Through direct contact with travelling fans, potential problems can be solved. Via fast and direct exchange of information, conditions can be individually adjusted to the diverse needs of the fan groups.

Around match days the mobile fan teams offer their service and advice at major meeting points of their target groups in the host cities. They put up their own stand, often using busses, vans or pick-ups, to provide this service. The team of the mobile Fans' Embassy should stay in close contact with the stationary Fans' Embassy. The channels of communication of the stationary Fans' Embassy can be used to facilitate the communication of the mobile Fans' Embassy workers with other agencies. The mobile Fans' Embassies should work closely together with the official representatives of their respective home country in the host country. Football Supporters Europe has active Fans' Embassy network members in 16 different countries.


The members of the mobile Fans' Embassy teams should either be experienced supporters or professional fan workers. It is highly recommended to consult Fans' Embassy workers in conflict situation or after interventions by the police as this has been proven a successful measure in several occasions in past tournaments.

Help in Emergency Cases

In emergency cases such as thefts, the Fans' Embassies can be addressed in order to guarantee professional and quick help in the respective language.

Meeting and Exchange

Football tournaments on an international level offer an incredibly high chance to encourage the intercultural exchange between both young and old supporters from different countries and their respective cultural backgrounds. Thus, the Fans' Embassies should be inviting for fans and well equipped with tables, chairs, pin walls and other attractive gadgets.