Fan guides EURO 2008The provision of general and fan-specific information is essential for football supporters abroad. Printed and online FanGuides have proven to be the most suitable tool for the dissemination of information in past tournaments.

Printed FanGuide

The printed FanGuide can be either a national FanGuide or a local FanGuide published in each host city. The national FanGuide can include parts from the local FanGuides. Alongside fan-specific information about European fan cultures and insider tips about the local sub-culture it should feature convenient information on issues like travel and accommodation, eating, drinking and going out, including leisure activities for different target groups such as homosexual fans. Fan Zones and alternative places to watch the games are also very important topics to bear in mind, as well as local and stadium regulations and security measures. Not to forget that all FanGuides should also always contain information about accessibility for disabled supporters. In order to provide the latest information it should be published shortly before the World Cup or the European Championship.

Online FanGuide

The internet represents an enormously important - if not the most important - communication platform for football fans all around the world. An internet platform is unrivalled for the delivery of new information and - due to its interactivity - for speed of response to enquiries. At each major football tournament an interactive, online FanGuide should be launched in cooperation with fan clubs and Fans’ Embassy initiatives on the utmost and most up-to-date fan-specific topics. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter should be used as additional tools, too.

Both online and printed FanGuides should be available in several languages, in the best case in English and all official languages of the host and participating country/countries. Language and design of the FanGuides should be attractive for the supporters.

Fans' Guide App

The FSE Fans' Guide App enables fans who travel to away matches to have all useful information relevant for football supporters with them through their mobile phone. The app is an independent non-profit project and available for free. Almost all info provided by the app is available offline and can be used without an internet connection once it is downloaded. Hence, this means that especially travelling fans can save expensive roaming costs abroad. The guide is available for iOS and android Click here to get to download options and more information