FSE logoThe Football Supporters Europe network (FSE) is an independent, representative and democratically organised grass-roots network of football fans' in Europe with members in currently 42 countries across the continent.

We think that there are enough issues that need to be acted upon in modern football such as ticketing, fan culture, discrimination and policing in football, and football fans should finally speak up, loudly and clearly with a powerful, united, influential and independent representative voice within the structures of the game in Europe!

FSE can trace its history back to the international collaboration by fans' organisations under the old name of Football Supporters International to provide "Fans' Embassy" advice, information and support services to fans of national teams at international tournaments.

But the real story of FSE as it now exists, as a democratic, membership-based organisation, began in July 2008, when the UK's Football Supporters' Federation (FSF) hosted in London the first European Football Fans' Congress.