MEDIA DIGEST – 07.06.2021

Ahead of UEFA EURO 2020, representatives from Football Supporters Europe (FSE) and its Fans’ Embassies division have spoken to several media outlets about the challenges presented by organising a multinational tournament during a pandemic.

Here’s a roundup of what they’ve had to say.

  • Joey D’Urso ‘Euro 2020 ticket options: Pay £1,550 to ‘guarantee’ an England seat, win a sponsor’s freebie or face missing out’ in The Athletic on 14th May 2021

Fans’ Embassies project manager Matt Willis on ticket allocations:

“We understand those allocations will need to be reduced because of the reduced capacities, but we would still much rather those [loyal fans] get the tickets. They should be in the hands of the right people who have put the time and effort in, not just those who can afford them.”

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  • Nicole Selmer. ‘Drink and Tune In’ in Ballesterer on 21st May 2021

Fans’ Embassies project manager Matt Willis on the difficulties of attending an international tournament during a pandemic:

“If Germany puts Hungary on a red list, then Portuguese fans cannot easily travel from Budapest to Munich. On the other hand, we know that Finnish fans only need a valid ticket and a negative test to enter Saint Petersburg.”

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  • Philip Buckingham. ‘Euro adventure turned into logistical nightmare for Wales fans after glorious summer of 2016 in France’ in The Athletic on 29th May 2021

FSE Board member and FSA Cymru organiser Paul Corkrey on the difficulties for Welsh fans planning to travel to Baku:

“The 10-day quarantine has made things worse. Our government isn’t allowing the five-day quarantine and testing [on] your way out. If you lived in England, it’s different. It’s been a farce. I think a lot more people would’ve gone if that was the case, but people aren’t prepared to go to Baku and then come home to do 10 days of quarantine. That’s just killed it.”

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  • Editorial. ‘How to get to Euro 2020? Where will Ukrainians be Allowed? We Answer the Main Questions’ in UA Football on 1st June

Ukrainian Fans’ Embassy co-ordinator Oleg Soldatenko on testing for Ukrainian fans in Romania:

“After 72 hours you can take a quick test in Bucharest or elsewhere in Romania and if the result is negative, the stay is extended by 72 hours.”

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  • Paul MacInnes. ‘Euro 2020: unsold Wembley hospitality could mean extra seats for fans’ in The Guardian on 2nd June 2021

Fans’ Embassies project manager Matt Willis on the possibility of extra seats for fans at Wembley:

“All of our respective groups do understand there needs to be a reduction in capacity for national team allocations. If there are surplus hospitality, however, they should be made available to those who have a history of attending tournaments or watching their national team play. We would lobby for any additional tickets to go to the participating national associations.”

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