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Active Fans’ Embassies

Austria Fans’ Embassy operated by Fairplay  

Fairplay is an initiative for diversity and anti-discrimination that was established in 1997 in the course of the EU-Year Against Racism. It was supported by the European Commission and the Austrian Ministry for Sports and it is co-funded by the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) and Austrian Development Cooperation. Since then, Fairplay has organised activities against discrimination in Austrian football and sport in cooperation with associations, clubs, fanclubs, and migrant and youth organisations. Fairplay also focuses on public and education projects in sport and development. In addition, Fairplay operates the Austrian Fans’ Embassy. 

Website: www.fairplay.or.at
Twitter: @fairplayVIDC

Belgium Fans’ Embassy operated by 1895 Fan Club

In December 2010, the Belgian Football Federation reached an agreement with the National Federation of FNS Supporters as part of an organisational collaboration. In the summer of 2011, an agreement was reached for the creation of a global supporters’ club. Since November 2011, they have been responsible for the operation of the 1895 Belgium Fan Club within the Football Federation. The official name 1895 Belgium Fan Club refers to the year of the founding of Belgian FA.

The 1895 Fan Club operated a Fans’ Embassy at UEFA EURO 2016 and the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. They provide a support service for all travelling fans and are recognised among the Belgian’s international fans. The 1895 Fan Club have been members of FSE during this period and support many of its other programmes.

1895 Official Belgian Fan Club 24 hour Helpline: +32 478 1895 00
Email: 1895@rbfa.be
NL: www.rbfa.be
FR: www.rbfa.be
EN: www.rbfa.be

Croatian Fans’ Embassy

The Croatian Fans’ Embassy (CFE) is an umbrella platform for Croatian fans who follow national teams. It consists of three concepts: a mobile contact point; a loyalty program for fans of the national team; and Mi Croats fan club. The size, strength and unity of this unique organisation of Croatian fans is recognised by Croatian sports federations and wider society.

The mission of CFE is to enable all Croatian fans to join a unique, official and recognised fan community regardless of age, gender, nationality or affiliation differences. Our aim is to create and promote a healthy and positive fan culture, and fair play in the stands.

CFE promotes the principles of affirmative values in sport and continuously works to educate younger fans. Positive activities and projects are initiated and administered in cooperation with official sports federations and relevant institutions.

Email: info@cfe-mihrvati.hr
Website: www.cfe-mihrvati.hr

Czech Republic Embassy operated by Fanklub Repre

Fanklub Repre aims to bring together fans of all football teams of the Czech Republic and create conditions that will allow them to support their national team anywhere in the world. As an organisation they support choreography, organise fan friendlies, joint marches to matches and other activities supporting a good atmosphere before, during and after the match.

Fanklub Repre communicate the opinions and suggestions of fans with the Football Association of the Czech Republic. These effective lines of communication are essential to the building of a successful Fans’ Embassy. They act as an intermediary between fans and organisers and provide Fans’ Embassy services at the venue of every Czech Republic fixture.

Website: www.fanklubrepre.cz
Email: fans@fanklubrepre.cz
Facebook: fanklubrepre
Twitter: @fanklubrepre

Danish Fans’ Embassy operated by The DFF (Danske Fodbold Fans) 

Danske Fodbold Fans (DFF) provide a voice for Danish football fans and work to create a better framework and conditions for the many thousands who, week after week, month after month, year after year, help to sustain Danish football. The DFF assists its members in advising, developing networks and sharing experiences.

The DFF has a long tradition of promoting fan interests and self-organisation. It was founded in 2003 by an assembly of representatives from official football fan clubs. Today, it includes 32 football fan clubs representing more than 50,000 fans in Denmark.

The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the association. It elects a board of directors that constitutes the day-to-day management of the association. Each member association has a DFF contact person who is the link to the members’ association. It is DFF executives who coordinate the joint activities.

In order to obtain membership in DFF, a fan club or fan grouping must be recognised by the parent club, have at least 25 paying members and otherwise be able to subscribe to the values on which the cooperation rests—that is, no violence, vandalism, racism and/or other activities that may bring the game or clubs into disrepute.

The DFF have a history of supporting international fans traveling to watch Denmark. They will support FSE with all of their work in Copenhagen as a host city. 

Contact Number: +45 40 25 87 43
Email: info@fairfans.dk
Website: www.fairfans.dk
Twitter: @FairFansDK 

England Fans’ Embassy operated by The FSA (Football Supporters Association) 

The FSA are the leading advocates for supporter ownership, better fan engagement, cheaper ticket prices, the choice to stand at the match, protecting fan rights, good governance, diversity, and all types of supporter empowerment.

The breadth of work is huge and difficult to sum up in a paragraph or two. As the national organisation they have regular contact with the Premier League, the EFL, National League, and the FA, as well as a whole host of other organisations within football such as the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA).

Football is for all and the FSA work closely with organisations such as Kick It Out and Level Playing Field to ensure that core belief is happening in the real world. 

The FSA are founding-members of Football Supporters Europe (FSE), who represent supporters across the continent and are heavily involved in the organisation, with two members who sit on FSE’s Committee (Kevin Miles and Paul Corkrey).

The FSA pioneered the concept of Fans’ Embassies and have helped fans of both the England and Wales men’s national teams at tournaments across the planet. They replicated this service, for the first time, for England’s Lionesses at the Women’s World Cup 2019.

The FSA produce a ‘Free Lions’ which is the England fanzine as part of their Fans’ Embassy service supporting England fans abroad. Free Lions is published for every England away game and a team of volunteers (aka the Fans’ Embassy) is on hand offering advice and information for travelling supporters at tournaments, qualifiers and friendlies. 

It’s not just about making sure that fans stay safe and know the best places to grab a bit to eat or drink on matchday. Supporter representatives travel to the relevant venue in advance of each fixture along with FA security staff and the UK police delegation—fact-finding and garnering information to pass on to fans and lobbying host authorities for the optimum treatment of visiting supporters. 

Much of the preparatory work is therefore a well-trodden path: liaison with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), various UK policing agencies and the FA, the production of the Free Lions Guide Book, and the recruitment of the Fans’ Embassy volunteer team with the range of skills required to deliver a comprehensive service.

Free Lions 24 hour Helpline: +44 7956121314
Email: freelions@thefsa.org.uk
Website: www.thefsa.org.uk
Twitter: @WeAreFreeLions  

Finnish Fans’ Embassy operated by SMJK

SMJK are a new member of FSE and their purpose as an association is to act as a link between the supporters of the Finnish national football teams, to encourage national football teams and to promote football and fan culture in a positive spirit. The association increases the interaction of people who share the same values and provides them with a platform for action.

SMJK aim to develop and maintain the visibility and atmosphere of the Finnish national football teams at home and away matches. They also organise match trips, fan meetings and leisure events for their members.

SMJK will run their very first Fans’ Embassy at UEFA EURO 2020, where they will travel to Saint Petersburg and Copenhagen to support national teams fans during the tournament. 

Pohjoiskaarre/SMJK: +358505531255
Email: fanit@suomifanit.com
website: www.pohjoiskaarre.fi
Twitter: @pohjoiskaarre

French Fans’ Embassy operated by Irresistibles Francais 

Irresistibles Français (IF) was officially born on 10th October 2010. They aimed to establish an association with solid management, promote a good atmosphere at French national team games and which allow their members to participate in fan friendlies.

In 2012, they started dialogue with the French Football Federation (FFF) in order to develop the atmosphere in the stadiums. The first steps were quickly taken: supporters were allowed, and even encouraged, to stand and equipment was allowed in the stadia to develop the atmosphere. 

Since then, the visibility of the association has increased. They now have over 1,500 active members. The France vs. Russia of March 29, 2016, will remain a landmark date in the history of the association with the realisation of a first large-scale tifo throughout the North Stand of the Stade de France.

IF run a Fans’ Embassy and a Fans’ Team for all international fixtures and go to great lengths to support travelling fans at competitive and friendly games. 

Irrésistibles Français 24 hour Helpline: +33604674294
Email: communication@irresistiblesfrancais.fr
Website: www.irresistiblesfrancais.fr
Twitter: @IF_Supporter
Instagram: @irresistiblesfrancais

German Fans’ Embassy operated by The KOS (Koordinationsstelle Fanprojekte) 

The Coordination Unit For Fan Projects (KOS) was set up in 1993 to accompany, coordinate and participate in the establishment of further projects for the social-educational fan projects (fanprojekte). The basis of the work is the National Concept of Sport and Security (NKSS), which sets out the content and organisational framework of youth social work in the field of football. Currently, 68 fan scenes are maintained at 61 locations in Germany.

With the long-term successful work of the fan projects in Germany, the preventive approach of social-educational work with football fans has received more and more recognition. In addition to the coordination and optimisation of national fan work, KOS has also been internationally active for many years and, in conjunction with the FSE network, organises fan support measures at major football events. The biggest challenge in this field was the conception and implementation of the fan and visitor support program for the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

KOS were pioneers in the foundation of Fans’ Embassies. Since the 1990 World Cup professional fan workers have been travelling with the German national team fans and fan clubs. At this tournament it was identified there was a need for a support mechanism for supporters travelling to international fixtures. To the present date, a Germany Fans’ Embassy has run at every international tournament. They will continue their great work at UEFA EURO 2020. 

Email: kos.fanprojekte@dsj.de
Website: www.kos-fanprojekte.de

Northern Ireland Fans’ Embassy operated by The AONISC (Amalgamation of Official Northern Ireland Supporters’ Clubs.) 

The Amalgamation of Official Northern Ireland Supporters’ Clubs (AONISC) was formed in early 1998. There were fourteen individual clubs and while many of these had been in existence for more than a decade at that stage, they felt that forming a network would give Northern Ireland fans greater strength when working on issues they felt most strongly about.

Often feeling that the views of fans were largely overlooked by the decision-makers at Windsor Avenue, the Amalgamation began to lobby on a variety of issues, including ticketing, and has continued to do so in the years since. Whilst much of the work done by the AONISC in the early years was ‘under the radar’, the very public debate surrounding the National Stadium provided the organisation with a much higher public profile.

One of AONISC’s proudest achievements was working with the Irish FA’s Community Relations Department to improve the atmosphere at international matches at Windsor Park. The improved atmosphere contributed to many memorable nights and this was recognised with the conferring of the ‘Brussels International Supporters’ Award’ upon Northern Ireland fans.

AONISC have run Fans’ Embassies for many years and were present at their first major tournament in France for UEFA EURO 2016. They continue to run Fans’ Embassies and support travelling fans at all competitive and friendly fixtures. 

Email: secretary@aonisc.co.uk
Website: www.aonisc.co.uk
Twitter: @AoNISC_Travel 

Portuguese Fans’ Embassy operated by APDA (Associação Portuguesa de Defesa do Adepto)

Associação Portuguesa de Defesa do Adepto (APDA) aims to encourage the active participation of fans and inform fans of their rights and duties, through conferences, workshops, fanzines and informative newsletters.

In order for the fans to return to their rightful place at the heart of football, APDA promotes agreements with entities that share their goals, so that they can provide members with better conditions and benefits in the use of services that are part of the daily life of the fan.

APDA will run their first Fans’ Embassy at UEFA EURO 2020 and will be present for all of Portugal’s fixtures, which will take place in Bucharest and Munich. They will be on hand to assist all travelling fans and provide them with advice and support in the city. 

Email: geral@adeptosportugal.pt
Website: www.adeptosportugal.pt

Russian Fans’ Embassy  

Fans’ Embassy Russia are a democratic organisation that operate around the Russian National Team, offering a support mechanism for fans who travel to watch their national team play. They have been active since 2008, taking part in multiple fans’ embassy projects at UEFA and FIFA tournaments, as well as international qualifiers and friendlies.

Fans’ Embassy Russia have held representation on FSE’s Fans’ Embassies steering committee since 2016 and played a key role supporting FSE in the Fans’ Embassies project at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Fans’ Embassy Russia are currently a working partner with FSE in relation to UEFA EURO 2020 and support its work in St. Petersburg.

24 hour Helpline: 8 (921) 308-93-03
Website: www.fansembassy.ru 
Twitter: @fansembrussia 

Scottish Fans’ Embassy operated by ATAC (The Association of Tartan Army Clubs) 

The Association of Tartan Army Clubs (ATAC) was formed in 2000 to act on behalf of fans of the Scottish national team, both home and away. ATAC directly represents over 1,500 members of affiliated Tartan Army clubs throughout Scotland and beyond, but does not claim to directly represent the Tartan Army. We liaise regularly with the Scotland Supporters Club and Scottish FA staff in relation to issues specifically impacting supporters of the national team such as ticketing, travel & security, supporters experience, match buses, fan events, and much more.

ATAC also contributes to the wider conversation on Scottish and European Footballing issues as a whole. Their vice chair fills a seat on the board of Supporters Direct Scotland (SDS), who in turn hold a seat on the SFA Congress. ATAC also participate in meetings and discussion with the supporters groups from the other Home Nations, and are members of, and engage with, Football Supporters Europe (FSE).

ATAC provide all travelling Scotland fans’ with a guidebook for every single away game with vital information they require for the city they are playing in. 

Website: www.associationoftartanarmyclubs.com
Email: info@associationoftartanarmyclubs.com
Twitter: @AssocTAClubs
Facebook: AssocTAClubs

Spanish Fans’ Embassy operated by FASFE (Federación de Accionistas y Socios del Fútbol Español) 

The Federation of Spanish Football Shareholders and Partners (FASFE) is made up of amateur associations, members and minority shareholders, as well as democratic clubs. FASFE is a democratic and independent organisation that is financed by its members.

FASFE’s is to help fans who wish to play a leading and responsible role in the life of the football club which they follow, offering support, advice, and information.

FASFE will operate their first Fans’ Embassy at UEFA EURO 2020 for all of the Spanish national teams’ fixtures in Seville. They aim to broaden their network of international fans and support all fans who travel to Seville.

Instagram @fansembassyesp
Twitter: @fansembassysesp
Facebook: Fans-Embassy-Spain
Email: fansembassyspain@gmail.com

Swedish Fans’ Embassy operated by Camp Sweden 

Camp Sweden is an initiative by football fans to support the Swedish national football team and build a fan culture around the national team.

Their goal is to support the Swedish national team in football at home and away. Camp Sweden work to make it easier for Swedish supporters to gather before and during the international matches, focusing on the qualifiers and major championships. They are also active at most friendly matches.

Camp Sweden are a member of FSE and arrange gatherings and marches at Sweden matches. For international championships they focus on supporting fans in all formats such as travel arrangements, accommodation, fan marches, fan friendlies, fan events and many more aspects to make the occasion as enjoyable as possible for Swedes that travel. 

Camp Sweden aim to: 

  • Provide a forum for Swedish supporters and unite them, whatever team they otherwise support.
  • Improve the atmosphere around games with songs and tifo.
  • Arrange gatherings before the games.
  • Provide useful information.

Email: campsweden@campsweden.se
Website: www.campsweden.se
Twitter: @campsweden

Swiss Fans’ Embassy operated by Fanarbeit Schweiz 

Fanarbeit Switzerland is the umbrella organisation of socio-professional fan work and national specialist centre for fan topics. The independent association Fanarbeit Schweiz was founded in 2005 and is a federally recognised umbrella association under the Children and Youth Promotion Act. It is financially supported by the Swiss Football League, the Swiss Football Association and the Federal Office of Social Insurance.

Fanarbeit Switzerland coordinates the networking of local fan jobs and represents the interests of socio-professional fan work at national level. In doing so, they occupy a seat in national exchange bodies and regularly takes a position on fan topics and security-relevant discussions around sport.

Fanarbeit Switzerland are also responsible for the expansion and further development of the approach of socio-professional fan work in all three language regions. In addition, the organisation is in charge of the project management of the Swiss Fans’ Embassy (Fan Embassy of the Swiss National Football Team), offers training events for professionals and laypeople and provides initial legal advice for fans without access to a local fan job.

Fanarbeit Schweiz is committed to an objective view of the fan culture and for a colourful and lively fan culture in Switzerland.

Swiss Fans’ Embassy helpline: +41 79 617 75 82
Email: fansembassy@fanarbeit.ch
Website: www.fansembassy.ch
Facebook: swissfansembassy

Ukrainian Fans’ Embassy 

The Ukrainian Fans’ Embassy started in 2012 when Ukraine and Poland were host nations of UEFA EURO 2012. The team were present in every host city which had a stationary fans’ embassy point, assisting both local and travelling fans. The Ukrainian Fans’ Embassy used this opportunity to learn from and then create a legacy by running their own fans’ embassy service for all Ukraine internationals.

The first away Ukrainian Fans’ Embassy was organised in November 2013 in Paris for a FIFA World Cup playoff fixture. They continued to work and ran their service at UEFA EURO 2016 in France providing a hotline, meeting point, connections with local authorities, FA management and local fans, as well as organising fan friendly fixtures at each game.

Wales Fans’ Embassy operated by The FSA Cymru (Football Supporters Association Wales) 

After being discussed for some time, the first Cymru Fans’ Embassy was organised for the historic Welsh game against Italy at the San Siro in Milan in September 2003. After beating Italy at home 2-1 Wales were beaten 4-0 in the return leg. A year later in September 2004 a Fans’ Embassy was again run for the trip to Baku to play Azerbaijan in a World Cup 2006 qualifier. Both operations were run by Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) staffer Steven Powell, assisted by a team of volunteers. These pioneering efforts led to the establishment of FSF Cymru. By 2005, Mike Bailey from North Wales was running the Fans’ Embassy and he had a few volunteers to assist him, including Adie Colley and Duncan Jardine. The Fans’ Embassy were deployed at every away game with reconnaissance trips made ahead of the games in order to gain information for the printed fan guides.

Paul Corkrey (Corky) was invited to get involved around late 2005 and along with Mike Bailey met up with the Welsh government to see if they would assist with funding. Unfortunately, they refused and from that day the Fans’ Embassy has relied on grants from the FCO and the Home Office in London.

Neil Dymock from Llanelli Town Football Club started to assist the embassy and ended up doing about 30 reconnaissance trips during his time, also assisting in the compilation the fan guides. Neil was elected on to the Football Association of Wales as a councillor so had to give up his role not long after Wales had reached the semi-finals of UEFA EURO 2016. In the early days of the Fans’ Embassy, Neil would run it single-handily, but the support has grown greatly and there is now a three-person team at all games and double that number when Wales qualify for the finals stages.

UEFA EURO 2016 was the biggest Fans’ Embassy, with six volunteers, including Vince Alm, who by then had a great deal of experience. Kieran Jones joined up in 2016 midway through the tournament after the embassy had lost some volunteers and has been part of the team ever since. It was a huge success for the nation but also for the Fans’ Embassy team, who racked up thousands of miles up and down France throughout June of 2016, a whole month spent working there ending up in a semi-final defeat in Lyon on the 6th of July.

The Fans’ Embassy’s work has always been by the fans for the fans, based on assisting travelling fans at away games, by gathering information, meeting with the police, FAW, and British embassy officials on reconnaissance trips. The Fans’ Embassy always tries to promote unity and togetherness amongst Wales fans and created a slogan “wear red for Wales” in an effort to see an end to club rivalries at Welsh games and the wearing of club colours. It was amazing to see a red wall of Welsh fans in France for UEFA EURO 2016. The Fans’ Embassy no longer feel the need to use the slogan and the “red wall” is now an established identity for Welsh fans both home and away. FSA Cymru firmly believe in the core principles of FSE and promote inclusion.

They work closely with the FAW and the Welsh police but keep independent of them. They do not produce information booklets for home games but are proud to say that they have now produced Issue 60 of their away booklets. They are still put together and edited by Corky but immaculately translated into Welsh by Rhys Lorwerth and then professionally designed by Celt Iwan.

The Fans’ Embassy has been a member of FSE since its beginnings in 2008 and worked as an FSE coordinator at UEFA Euro 2012, based in Warsaw Poland, and have been Core Group members of the Fans’ Embassies division from the start.

FSA Cymru24 hour help line: +447905 861 848
Email: paul.corkrey@fsa.org.uk
Website: www.thefsa.org.uk

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