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Football Supporters Europe (FSE) is the democratic voice of European football fans: Founded in 2008 at the first European Football Fans Congress; registered in Germany; and active in 55 UEFA nations.

We are an independent, non-profit association of fans recognised as a representative body on fan issues by institutions such as UEFA and the Council of Europe.

We understand that fans are the heart and soul of football. We believe fans are entitled to watch their team in a safe environment, whatever their background, enjoy the same freedoms as the general public, and have a bigger say on how the game is run. And we envisage a more equal, competitive, and sustainable football—one that works for everybody, not just a select few.

To this end, we are committed to lobbying UEFA and other governing bodies on everything from maintaining sporting merit in European competitions and protecting domestic football to defending fans’ rights and lower ticket prices.

We know the best way to achieve our vision and objectives is through collective action, solidarity, and democracy.

Our core principles emphasise all three:

  • Opposition to any form of discrimination (including discrimination based on ethnic origin, ability, religion and belief, gender, sexual orientation, and age).
  • Rejection of violence, both verbal and physical.
  • Empowerment of grassroots football supporters.
  • Promotion of a positive football and supporters’ culture, including values such as fair play and good governance.
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