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Football Supporters Europe e.V. (FSE) is a democratically organised, independent, non-profit association of football supporters, supporter groups and national supporter organisations. The members of FSE are united by their support for several key principles, including an opposition to any form discrimination, the rejection of violence, a grassroots approach to communication and problem solving, and values such as good governance and fair play. FSE aims to be a representative voice of football supporters in Europe, and in doing so, promote its statutory objectives of democratic participation, international understanding, tolerance, and gender equality, as well as preventive actions in the area of football fandom. 

FSE members hold the right to elect a board of directors comprised of eight people every two years. These directors represent more than 3 million fans from over 45 UEFA nations. Currently, all elected board members are from different European nations. The elected board is supported by another three appointed members: the Executive Director, the director of the Anti-Discrimination division, and the director of the Fans’ Embassy division, each of whom are responsible for their respective fields. The coordinating office, located in Hamburg, Germany, is responsible for carrying out the tasks and fulfilling the aims of the organisation.

Regular activities of FSE

  • Facilitation of networking opportunities for fans.
  • Dialogue with football governing bodies.
  • Organisation of campaigning activities on all topics relevant to supporters at European level.
  • Provision of services, especially for travelling fans.
  • Provision of expertise to institutions, especially on issues related to football fandom, safety and security, fan dialogue, and the prevention of violence and discrimination in football.

FSE is recognised as the main interlocutor on fan issues by UEFA, as well as working with a number of football governing bodies and European Union (EU) think tanks. FSE also has observer status in the Council of Europe’s Committee on Spectator Violence and the EU Expert Group on Good Governance. In addition, the FSE Fans’ Embassy division is UEFA’s main interlocutor for national team fan issues.

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